our rooms

Comfortable Bunks and

Team Lodgings

Like a true ranch, we have bunks and deluxe accomodations.

Days on the ranch are mentally stimulating and physically invigorating. So, bunking down early is not uncommon.

We can comfortably accommodate up to 72 people. There are 18 deluxe sleeping rooms with two double beds and 2 removable single beds.

Room plans are flexible and can be tailored to fit your group needs.


  • Accomodations for up to 72 people
  • 18 deluxe sleeping rooms
  • Two double beds per room
  • Two removable single beds per room

Grow as a Team With Our

Meeting Rooms

Two spacious meeting rooms offer a picturesque view of the meadow and lake. Each offers access to the Eagle’s Perch, and a loft for breakout sessions.

In this creative environment, it is easy to focus. Innovative thinking flourishes and new concepts develop.

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